10 Sep

20 – years of the company’s activity

Open letter to our clients, colleagues, and friends Fleksograf studio prepress

Valued Clients, trusted Colleagues, and dear Friends of Fleksograf studio,
the reason I am writing this letter is not insignificant, as this year marks the 20th anniversary of our company. We planned a lavish celebration and an anniversary banquet, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have to postpone it indefinitely. Still, as they say, “all is not lost” and the event will certainly take place, but in the meantime, as the company’s CEO, I would like to share with you my reflections on what has happened during our 20 years of operation.
When I founded the company in 2001 in Swarzędz, I had a dream to create a modern enterprise which would be a model for others and a mecca for ambitious and creative individuals. I remember the joy and excitement of our first orders. Looking at it from today’s perspective and the company’s current technological capabilities, these were not big orders, but back then it was really a huge deal for me. Thanks to the commitment of our entire team, hard work, and the trust that our clients placed in us, we started to develop dynamically. We successively launched new production lines and opened new branches of the company. The most important moment in our history was the purchase of the new Kodak Flexcel NX technology, which allowed us to prepare works that were truly world-class.
Many times I have thought about what I am most proud of after 20 years of managing the company. I cannot name just one thing, so I will mention three equal reasons for pride.
First of all, our technological level. We have many proprietary solutions that improve the speed and quality of our work. They are simply unique.
Secondly, our clients, demanding and – at the same time – fantastic business partners. Many of our clients have grown and built their strong position together with us, and we are glad that we have contributed to your success.
Thirdly, my coworkers. What I value most in the people I work with is attention to detail, precision, and reliability. I am fortunate to have only such people in my team.
If I had to answer the question of whether I have fulfilled my dream, I would say yes, mostly, but there are still many issues, topics, projects, and tasks ahead – for me personally and for the entire company – that we intend to accomplish. After all, it is just 20 years on the market…
Thank you very much, valued Clients, trusted Colleagues, and dear Friends, for being there.

With kindest regards,
Krzysztof Malengowski