Printing Plates

Thanks to the combination of our 20 years of experience in the production of photopolymer plates and the innovative technologies implemented in our company, we can offer you flexographic printing plates with flat dot technology in accordance with the highest global standards.
We manufacture flat photopolymer plates, as well as ITR (in the round) elastomer sleeves, which are excellent for printing on napkins, packing paper, tablecloths, and other objects on which the polymer connections should not be visible.
In order to achieve the highest quality of the final product, we prefer using KODAK Flexcel NX and KODAK Flexcel NX Ultra Solution . Our cooperation with this supplier (KODAK-MIRACLON) provides both us and our Clients with a guarantee of the highest quality and constant access to the newest technological solutions in the ever-changing world.
Our stock also includes printing plates from other suppliers, including MacDermid. Thanks to the conducted selection process and printing tests, we are able to tailor a proper printing plate to your needs. We can produce printing plates that fit the characteristics of the substrate material. Our plates use various substrates: PP, PET, PE, and aluminum foils, aluminum, coated paper, and many others.

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