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Presence of a technician on site during the first print run.

In order to ensure the highest quality and color conformity of packaging printed using various print techniques (e.g., flexography or rotogravure), our technician can be present during the first print run of the design. Using specialist equipment, such as a spectro-densitometer or a digital microscope, the technician will be able to precisely control the quality and correctness of the first print run and to assess the conformity of the final copy with the proof print.

Employee training

Introducing color management to a printing house is an important process, which may initially seem complex and difficult. In order to support you in this regard, we offer workshops for production managers and printers, during which we present the procedures that should be followed when performing flexographic printing using plates produced for a given machine profile. During the workshops, the educators also describe potential errors that can occur during printing and present methods of solving them in order to optimize the production process and minimize the risk of product deficiency.

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