15 Jul

Kodak Flexcel NX Ultra water-washable photopolymer plates vs. UV inks.

Another test under the motto “Be Eco” was conducted at Krea, a company located in Luboń near Poznań.
We used 175 and 220 lpi rulings and screening systems such as Maxtone SX and Staccato. After obtaining promising results on a wide web, we once again took the risk of using such stringent parameters when printing on 440/3.5 aniloxes.
The conducted tests allowed us to optimize work in the printing house and improve print quality in three areas. Firstly, the printing house could safely use a higher ruling – the production minimum for Ultra NX plates is 175 lpi. Secondly, we achieve a higher ink optical density, which translates into a more attractive appearance of the final product. The third aspect demonstrating the advantages of Ultra NX technology is printing speed. It turned out that the printing house could increase its printing speed by up to 25% without losing quality.….